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Home away from home experience

Austin Luxury Suite Hotel located in the lovely city of Austin, Texas, a place where you can get a home away from home experience with an added luxurious class to each and every part of this hotel. There is a classy atmosphere to the hotel with access to boutique shopping for the much needed, high end retail therapy. Austin Luxury Suite is one of the ultimate Boutique Hotels of Austin, Texas. The Arboretum located in the Great Hills of Austin, Texas offers some of the most prestigious shopping. A person can shop in a beautiful strip mall like setting unlike no other; it offers natural touches of beauty with plant life and an artistic flow to the architecture. The Arboretum to most is like shopping in a beautiful park rather than an actual strip mall. A place of luxury and a luxurious yet relaxing shopping experience is at Austin Luxury Suite Hotel.

Sun‑blocking window shades installation

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This is a sun‑blocking window shades installation that we did for a home in the Austin, Texas Avery Ranch subdivision. We did this  sun‑blocking window shades installation in June of 2011. We installed a considerable amount of sun‑blocking window shades for this customer to include all of their windows on a front, left, back, and right side of the house.

This customer did not skimp on any of his windows. He had us put the sun‑blocking window shades on all of the windows. You can see here, by looking at the front of his house, even those windows around his front doors, he had us put the sun‑blocking window shades on them. By looking at this house, you will see that it looks clean, it flows really well.

You don’t see any shiny glass that really messes with the appearance of it with the exception of the front door and that’s natural and you just leave the front door alone. Sometimes people will want to put a sun‑blocking window shade there on their front door and I have to talk them down from that idea.

Sometimes they win and I have to put one on, but I’m not a fan of doing that. I think the home looks much better, as illustrated in this picture here, with sun‑blocking window shades on all of the windows of the home and not one there on the glass of that front door.

Repeat business is the sign of a good contractor.

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You are looking at a Leander solar screen installation. We installed 10 solar screens using a black solar screen fabric and white frame for this home. This is a repeat customer of ours. This customer has multiple rental properties out in this area in the Leander, Texas area of which we routinely put solar screens on his homes.

3417 (2)

3417 (4)A sign of a good contractor, or, in this case, a good Austin solar screen window screen manufacturer and installer, is one that routinely gets repeat customers. I encourage you, if you are in the market for these solar screens, to visit the customer reviews section of this solar window screen website or visit the website where you will find well over 300 handwritten reviews posted on five different pages.

Home Staging: Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Company for the Job

Purchasing a home is a great investment, because you not only buy a property that could increase in value, but you get to use that property and live in it for quite a time.  When things get tight though, or when you find that you need to leave town in order to go to a new place, you could always choose to sell the home.  When you decide to do this though, do you immediately post a sign on your front lawn and hope to get a good offer from a passerby?  Of course not!  You would need to make preparations for the sale first, and that is where home staging comes in.

Home staging, simply put, is the art of setting up and presenting a house that is on sale such that it looks more appealing to the buyer.  You see, selling a home is very much like presenting yourself during an interview; you just have a few minutes to impress whoever is looking in order for them to be convinced that the goods you have are worth an offer.  Just like an interview though, home staging is not just a matter of getting furniture together to make a house look nice.  Here are some things that home staging can do for everyone:

1)     Set the mood for the presentation – when a house is staged, the decorator will not just get whatever furniture is available, but take into consideration the type of house that is to be sold.  Colors will be an important factor as well as lighting, and all these will be used to make sure that the house is ready to be seen by others.  The goal will be to set the proper mood, so color combinations that promote serenity and peace will be used, just to make sure that no one would feel any negative energy while walking through the house.

2)     Highlight the best parts of the house – certain houses are made with specific requests in mind, such as a window facing the street, a veranda, good cabinets in each room, and so on.  When a decorator comes in to stage a home, these are the things he or she will first look for: the items that could be used as selling points for the house.  The next step would be to highlight these items so that anyone walking by would definitely notice them and consider that it would be good to own the house because of these particular qualities.  When they leave the house, they would be able to remember these qualities and want to come back.

3)     Increase the sale price of the house – imagine trying to sell an empty house.  No matter how good the house would be, since it would be bare people would be coming in trying to visualize how they would decorate the house.  Not all ideas would pop up at that time, so the interest will not be that strong.  This would result in not a lot of offers for the house.  When the same house is staged though, the people who view it create a connection with the property because of its beauty, and they also get an idea as to what they can do with the house, and how they would like to personalize it.  This connection would already have them increasing the offer price they have in their heads.

Some people might think that home staging is just a way to make more money, however the truth is that home staging is an investment in itself because it increases the house’s sale value.  If you have doubts about it, all you need to do is try out the service.  Visit Pop Decor and get a quote.  As soon as you talk to the expert who visits your home, you would know how good an investment you had just made.

Why Use a Professional for Home Staging Service?

You certainly may wonder what an experienced home decorator can bring to your home that you cannot do yourself. There are a number of advantages however that professional home staging services can bring to help your home sell more quickly.

Wider Appeal: The decorating touch that an experienced professional brings can augment your home to appeal to a much wider audience. This means that people with backgrounds and culture that you may never have considered will see your home as a place where they can live.

Augmentation: The minor wear and tear on a home can bring the price down considerably if it is noticed and highlighted. However, proper home staging augments the best aspects of your home so that the minor wear is put in its proper place.

Move-In Ready: A home should look like its ready to move in immediately. Proper home staging can bring that look which actually motivates people to buy. This can be a very important aspect in getting your home sold more quickly.