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Georgetown, Texas sunscreens for windows.


When looking for sunscreens for windows in Georgetown, Texas, look no further, contact us. Take a look at this picture here and you’re going to see the 90 percent black sunscreens that we built for the windows of this Georgetown, Texas home.  The three windows on the right‑hand side are arched windows.

That’s three windows therefore, they took three physical sunscreens. There’s three arched windows therefore, we made three arched sunscreens for these windows.  Now, the windows on the left side of the house here, you have three rectangular windows and then you have a half circle above it. Therefore, you have three rectangular sunscreens with a half circle sunscreen.  On our site, we have a sun shade screen gallery of pictures to look.

All of these windows that opened, which are going to be the…all the six bottom windows, those windows opened, therefore we use our die cast metal turn clips to hold the sunscreens against the windows. The half circle fits onto, I should say, a track that goes around your window. It’s that track that holds your glass, that same track is what we screw that half circle sunscreen onto.