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South Austin solar screen installation

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Off of Slaughter Lane by Escarpment, Boulevard. We did this South Austin solar screen installation whereby we installed 13 of our custom, handmade, solar window screens. We built these screens using the chocolate solar screen fabric, and we upgraded all 13 of them to the 90 percent fabric.

These screens were installed on the west facing side of this customer’s home, which is the back. As you will see, he chose to put a solar screen on that back patio door. Additionally, for the South Austin solar screen installation, you will see there are three arch windows. That’s going to be around that back fireplace.

Do you see that there on the back patio? There is an arched screen above that fireplace knockout there. There’s going to be a half arch solar screen to the left and right of it.

Hutto, TX solar window screen blinds

Hutto TX Solar Window Screen Blinds

If you are looking for solar window screen blinds, what you’re actually wanting to find are external solar window screens. Look at this picture here and you’re going to see what an installation from a professional external solar window screens of Austin installation looks like. If you’re searching for solar window screen blinds, what you’re looking for are external solar window screens.

In this picture you’re going to see a culmination of different sizes. There on the second floor to the left of the front door, you’re going to see there are four windows there. There are two half arches, a rectangular, and a half circle. On the right above the garage doors, you’re going to see there are six windows there. There are three rectangular windows and three half circle windows.

Get your house into tip top shape for selling

When trying to choose the pieces to leave in your house during the sales process you need to use some discretion. This can be hard for the home seller to do but, with the help of a home stager this is possible. The home stagger has two jobs. The first is to bring in pieces that will improve the overall look of the home and accent its best parts. The second, and lesser known part, is to remove pieces that take up too much space of take away from the overall value of the home. It is the combination of both parts that adds the value to the home and gives it the “model home” appearance (D). As a person living in the home it can be tough to part with your belonging in the home. You do not have to get rid of them but, they should be moved or stored elsewhere. This is for the overall good of the home and improving the sale of your home. Just take one for the team and your house will sell faster than you could ever imagine.

When it comes to cleaning the house you want to start with simple cleaning. This involves just getting rid of old things you do not need anymore. This part is pretty simple and is a good thing to do anyways. After all, this is less that you will have to move later. Now the second and much harder part is to actually clear out items that you do not currently need but, still want to keep. One example can be a large 5 piece sofa. I can’t imagine a more comfortable way to watch a movie than to lay back all sprawled out on a sofa. I am not telling you that you need to get rid of it but, because they are so large they can give the allusion that you room is smaller than it is. When a piece of furniture takes up a lot of space it makes the room look smaller. When it comes to selling your home you want all the space to appear as big as possible. After all nobody walks into a house and says that it is too big and they want smaller.

This can apply to other items that may not appear as obvious. In the master bathroom you may keep a lot of personal items you use daily on the couther. When it comes to functionality this is great but, when selling the house you want these items put below in a cabinet so counter appear large. These little things all add up to major differences in the eye of the buyer. With the professional help of a home stager you can get your house into tip top shape for selling.