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Comparing different shading products.

When thinking about shading products for your windows, solar window screens are the answer. A solar window screen is a shading product that sits on the outside of the window. The solar window screen resides between the glass and the sun with the intention of providing shade for the glass. If you provide shade for the glass, you’re keeping the glass from getting heated up by the sun’s rays. If you can do this, keep the sun’s Rays from heating up the glass, you can keep the glass from getting hot. It is the hot glass that warms up your rooms. And of course the Rays  from the Sun that go through the glass. And warms up any and everything including the air that the rays of the sun come in contact with.

2018 Solar Screens Round Rock TX installation.
2018 Solar Screens Round Rock TX installation.

The solar window screens can fit onto any size or shape of window. Here for this home on the first floor those windows did not look all that large but they are extremely large. And this home was able to be outfitted with the solar window screens.

2018 Solar Screens Pflugerville TX installation.
2018 Solar Screens Pflugerville TX installation.

What are the benefits of patio roller shades and solar screens?

Comparing the benefits of patio shades and solar screens.   Patio shades are commonly known as roller shades. Roller Shades typically install from post to post and they roll up and down. A Roller shade is something that you use to provide shade for a patio that you could take up and take down when you need the shade.

Solar screens aka solar window screens are those that affix to windows. They mount to the outside of a window.  About 1/2 inch away from the glass.  And they are permanent. They are only permanent in the minor sense that you could take them on and off if you so choose, but they are designed to stay on the window. Typically solar screens will fit into an upper and lower track of the window. Or if it’s a window that does not have a track then you would use metal Clips to hold the screen on. Or you could direct screw the screen to the framing that goes around the window. Or even the wood trim that goes around the window.

In the Round Rock Texas area you have people that ask about using the solar screens year round verses just using them during the summer months.  During the time of the year when it’s hot. In Round Rock Texas it is hot 9 months out of the year. We do not recommend that you take the screens off for the winter months, as you risk damaging the screens as you store them, and you risk not putting them back up the correct way.  In Round Rock, the Winter’s come and go rather fast. It’s not worth the time needed to take them down and the time needed to put them back up.

2018 Solar Screens Cedar Park TX installation.
2018 Solar Screens Cedar Park TX installation.

No need to compromise.

A major issue that people have with the solar screens is whether or not you can see through them. You do not need to compromise heat and visibilty when you choose solar screens. It is quite incredible how well you can see through even the denser 90% solar screen fabric.  By looking at the fabric it looks like you cannot see through it. From the inside looking out. It being dark inside and well-lit outside, you can see through the fabric exceptionally well. Here, all your eyes are able to see is that fabric. Now if it was dark on the outside and lit on the inside you will see right past the fabric.

2018 Solar Screens Leander TX installation.
2018 Solar Window Screens Leander TX installation.

Here’s a home that someone shaded all their windows up. This homeowner even shaded the window for that back patio door. This homeowner chose to use the darker 90% solar screens for these back windows. That dark set solar screen fabric is what you want to use for Windows to get annihilated by the afternoon West Sun.


2018 Solar Screens Buda TX installation.
2018 Solar Window Screens Buda TX installation.

Do not compromise heat for shade. If you have windows that get hit by the sun, therefore making the room warm, you will want solar screens to shade the windows.

Where to buy the best quality solar screens

There are many people that are interested in buying the solar screens. Some of the individuals want to buy the solar screens for their homes or commercial buildings. They are in love with the amazing styles and designs that are available on the solar screens. However, there are many sites from where they can buy the products but they are aware of the online scams. This is the reason we have the complete review of the top 3 websites from where you can buy the solar screens.

Austin Shade Team

Austin Shade Team is one of the best companies that have been working in this field. Solar screens Austin TX by the company are incredible. They pay special attention to the quality of the products that they are manufacturing. The material is tested to assure that it is high-quality and durable. After that special techniques are used for the manufacturing of the items to assure that the best results are generated. After the production, their Austin solar screens are tested once again to assure that they will provide the services that have been promised by the customers.

Solar Screens by Josh Austin TX

Solar screens Austin Texas have to be the best quality and none of the companies have been able to meet the standards set by the company Austin Solar Screens by Josh.

  • They have a huge collection of solar screens that are specified for residential and commercial use
  • The products are available at the affordable rate to assure that you can manage everything in your budget
  • The biggest attraction of the company is that you can have the customized solar screens prepared according to your requirements.

Hobbs Screens

Where to buy solar screens if you live in the Austin Texas area is a common question and we have the best answer for you. Hobbs Screens is the website that you need to visit. Once you will get on their website you will understand that why it is the best. They not only have the best collection but also have all the products available at the wholesale and DIY rates. You will surely enjoy the services provided by Hobbs Screens. The products you will buy from their platform are highly durable. They will serve you for a long time. It means that you will not have to invest in the product ever again. They will assure that you enjoy the benefits that come with the solar screens.

Bottom line

All these companies have been working in this field for many years. They know how to meet the demands of their customers. The companies assure to work on the latest styles and they have trained their employees according to the latest technological products available in the market and they all have great Austin solar screens reviews.  Even if you compare these websites you will surely enjoy the services they are providing.  Verifying the solar screen reviews posted out there about them is a great way of verification for who they are and what quality of service they offer.  These solar screen companies that we recommend have experts that can guide you according to the solar screens that you should get. They will consider your residential or commercial builsolding before suggesting the product you should buy.

South Austin solar screen installation

3418 (3)

Off of Slaughter Lane by Escarpment, Boulevard. We did this South Austin solar screen installation whereby we installed 13 of our custom, handmade, solar window screens. We built these screens using the chocolate solar screen fabric, and we upgraded all 13 of them to the 90 percent fabric.

These screens were installed on the west facing side of this customer’s home, which is the back. As you will see, he chose to put a solar screen on that back patio door. Additionally, for the South Austin solar screen installation, you will see there are three arch windows. That’s going to be around that back fireplace.

Do you see that there on the back patio? There is an arched screen above that fireplace knockout there. There’s going to be a half arch solar screen to the left and right of it.

An Austin VRBO that you won’t forget

in room tv

Many families take the same vacations year after year. This can be fun but, I am sure you have already visited the typical places. Most likely you have already been to Disney World or Disney Land and the beach. Maybe your family goes to Mardi Gras or New York City every year. These are all great vacations that are fun for the whole family but, when looking at your trip for this year you should consider a few other places. Look at a few places that you may not have considered before but, would be fun. Austin, Texas is one such place you should consider for a great vacation. While it may not have been the first place to cross your mind, you will find Austin, to be a thriving metropolis. This is the home of the Capitol and a wonderful tour that you should not miss out on. There are numerous attractions for every family whether you have children or are a newlywed couple.

 No matter who you decide to go with you deserve a quality space to stay in. You will find that typical hotel rooms are everywhere. There is no surprise here but, if you are looking for a vacation home rental that will outdo every place you have been before, bar none, I recommend the Austin Luxury Suite. The unit is designed with as much life as the city around it. However, it provides you with your own relaxing spot of paradise when you want time away from others. Just take a look at the Austin VRBO Pricing to plan out your next trip. Just remember that these units provide enough space to encompass an entire family where you would have to rent multiple standard hotel rooms, not to mention the “miscellaneous costs” that a hotel tacks onto your final bill.

When looking for the best Austin luxury suite.

On your next trip to Austin, Texas do not fall for the trap of staying in a mediocre hotel that looks like every other place in country. Austin is a unique city due to its geographic location. Its proximity to Mexico provides it with a rich Hispanic culture filed with Spanish old world charm. Its location along the American frontier gives it the historic western feel. Being the Capitol of the state it also has a newly formed modern feel to it. Being at the center of three major cultural convergences Austin has developed into a city rich in life with something for everyone to enjoy. On your next trip to the big city you will want to find a place to stay that matches the culture and uniqueness that this city has to offer.

When looking for the best Austin luxury suite there are many things you want to consider. The first is to find a place that is large enough to fit the family. The last thing you want is for anyone to sleep on an air mattress. The second thing to look for is a quiet place you do not have to share with dozens of other guests. Nobody wants to share a patio area with eight children running around screaming. I have had enough bad experiences like that in Florida. The third and most important in my opinion, thing to look for in a vacation rental is its unique sense of style and culture. This is a place you will spend several hours a day in. While you may be able to cram your family into a small hotel room, it will be dull and without any design. The best Austin Luxury Suite will be thoughtfully designed and manicured to ensure that it encompasses each and every part of the vibrant cities culture.

Evaluate me as your solar screen supplier

Georgetown TX Sun Shade Window Screens

Austin Texas solar window screens. We make solar window screens and install them on Austin Texas homes that provide shade for your windows. Our solar window screens come in a multitude of colors to include black, as shown in this picture, chocolate, grey, stucco, and beige. To learn more about our fabric colors, please visit our Austin Texas solar window screen website.

To evaluate me as your local solar screen supplier, please look at my solar screens by Josh reviews and you can look at some of my jobs here.

Home Staging: Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Company for the Job

Purchasing a home is a great investment, because you not only buy a property that could increase in value, but you get to use that property and live in it for quite a time.  When things get tight though, or when you find that you need to leave town in order to go to a new place, you could always choose to sell the home.  When you decide to do this though, do you immediately post a sign on your front lawn and hope to get a good offer from a passerby?  Of course not!  You would need to make preparations for the sale first, and that is where home staging comes in.

Home staging, simply put, is the art of setting up and presenting a house that is on sale such that it looks more appealing to the buyer.  You see, selling a home is very much like presenting yourself during an interview; you just have a few minutes to impress whoever is looking in order for them to be convinced that the goods you have are worth an offer.  Just like an interview though, home staging is not just a matter of getting furniture together to make a house look nice.  Here are some things that home staging can do for everyone:

1)     Set the mood for the presentation – when a house is staged, the decorator will not just get whatever furniture is available, but take into consideration the type of house that is to be sold.  Colors will be an important factor as well as lighting, and all these will be used to make sure that the house is ready to be seen by others.  The goal will be to set the proper mood, so color combinations that promote serenity and peace will be used, just to make sure that no one would feel any negative energy while walking through the house.

2)     Highlight the best parts of the house – certain houses are made with specific requests in mind, such as a window facing the street, a veranda, good cabinets in each room, and so on.  When a decorator comes in to stage a home, these are the things he or she will first look for: the items that could be used as selling points for the house.  The next step would be to highlight these items so that anyone walking by would definitely notice them and consider that it would be good to own the house because of these particular qualities.  When they leave the house, they would be able to remember these qualities and want to come back.

3)     Increase the sale price of the house – imagine trying to sell an empty house.  No matter how good the house would be, since it would be bare people would be coming in trying to visualize how they would decorate the house.  Not all ideas would pop up at that time, so the interest will not be that strong.  This would result in not a lot of offers for the house.  When the same house is staged though, the people who view it create a connection with the property because of its beauty, and they also get an idea as to what they can do with the house, and how they would like to personalize it.  This connection would already have them increasing the offer price they have in their heads.

Some people might think that home staging is just a way to make more money, however the truth is that home staging is an investment in itself because it increases the house’s sale value.  If you have doubts about it, all you need to do is try out the service.  Visit Pop Decor and get a quote.  As soon as you talk to the expert who visits your home, you would know how good an investment you had just made.

Why Use a Professional for Home Staging Service?

You certainly may wonder what an experienced home decorator can bring to your home that you cannot do yourself. There are a number of advantages however that professional home staging services can bring to help your home sell more quickly.

Wider Appeal: The decorating touch that an experienced professional brings can augment your home to appeal to a much wider audience. This means that people with backgrounds and culture that you may never have considered will see your home as a place where they can live.

Augmentation: The minor wear and tear on a home can bring the price down considerably if it is noticed and highlighted. However, proper home staging augments the best aspects of your home so that the minor wear is put in its proper place.

Move-In Ready: A home should look like its ready to move in immediately. Proper home staging can bring that look which actually motivates people to buy. This can be a very important aspect in getting your home sold more quickly.

The Secret Of Finding The Best Vacation Rentals In Austin TX.


all necessities provided

When you are looking for an Austin Texas vacation house, there are many options that might suit your needs. However, there is a secret when it comes to finding some of the best rentals. Many people are unaware that there are high quality places to stay that are just amazing. The best part is that you can rent these places with ease because many people are unaware they even exist. These luxury suites are upscale and super elegant which makes them a home away from home.

another angle of the projector screen

There is no need to rough it on vacation when you can have everything you want in your Austin Texas vacation home rental. Once you spend your vacation days and nights in this amount of luxury, you might not want to return home. Regardless of if you have had a vacation in Austin before or if this is your first time, You will love the amazing vacation rentals in Austin TX.

Best hotels in austin tx

The Austin Luxury Hotel Suite is one of the best hotels in Austin TX. This hotel has every accommodation a person could want but located in a discrete area. Each suite contains a movie theater quality screen that shows programs in high definition. The sound system is loud enough to make the walls shake. To make it a complete movie theater setting each rooms comes with Netflix. In addition to this each suite comes stocked with hundreds of movies and blu-rays.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


If a person wants to relax and watch a little bit of television there is cable tv services with hundreds of channels. If a person is not into television a person can sit back and enjoy their luxury stay. Anyone you ask will put ALS on their list of Best Austin TX Hotels because all of the interior furniture is crafted by hand for beauty. The walls are done in limestone and the suite is fully stocked with everything that a person can need. This is Austin’s best hotel because it offers its guests a stay of luxury from the moment that they walk in the door.

Visit this site for the Best Austin TX Hotels experience.