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Sick of the same boring hotel experience?

If you’re interested in cool hotels in Austin, Texas then the AustinLuxurySuite might be exactly what you’re looking for. An alternate to the run of the mill hotel experience, these luxury suites offer both comfort and style all at an affordable price. With accommodations such as handcrafted furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, and a top of the line high-definition projector and LCD television, there is plenty reason to kick your feet up and stay for a while.


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Come lounge in the master bedroom and enjoy the lush king-sized bed and pillow option and don’t worry if you’re here on business and have to send an e-mail back to the office. There’s free wi-fi and cabled internet and if you don’t have your own laptop you have free access to a notebook computer here. There is laser printing, fax and telephone so there is no stress and no worry while you’re enjoying you stay.So if you’re looking for a fresh breath of air to combat the Texas heat, then come check out AustinLuxurySuite (online at and see what cool hotels in Austin, TX look like.

Boutique Hotels In Austin



Before planning your next vacation or business trip to Austin, Texas, one might consider choosing a wonderful boutique hotel ahead of time first. It is always wiser to book your reservation in advance. This will assure that you will get the best luxury suite at the best possible price. High end hotels in Austin fill up quickly as they are very desirable to the tourists especially during the season. One of my favorite Austin TX boutique hotels is the Austin Luxury Suite. This five star hotel’s stately structure is made from local native lime stone and much of the interior is accented with natural rustic ceiling beams. The common grounds area of the Austin Luxury Suite boasts beautifully landscaped gardens with your very own reserved table outside that overlooks the pond stocked with fish and blooming lily pads that bloom every night. The peaceful sound of the waterfall on the property will only enhance your patio experience as you relax on the limestone patio with you evening cocktail. If your looking to stay at one of the finest boutique hotels in Austin, the Austin Luxury Suite is well worth looking into. The accommodations are by far one of the best.

Are you looking for 5 star quality?

If you are planning a vacation anytime soon that take you to texas and looking to spend it in star quality, look no further because five star hotels in Austin are just the ticket. Five star hotels in Austin offer everything you are looking for and more. Have you ever stayed somewhere and wished that you could have access to wifi and blue ray dvds? Most rooms come equipped with a big screen tv and movies already programmed into the system.

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But with an Austin five star hotel you not only get that, but you also have access to blue ray dvds from almsot any genre. In most of the rooms you not only get a master bedroom and bath to yourself, but you also get an indoor patio that seats around 25. So you can have dinner quests and a place for them to sit and relax for as long as they wish. This is just the beginning when it comes to the rooms that you can book at five star hotels in Austin. So if you want to relax in style and live like a star for even just a day, then book your next visit at today!

Luxury hotels austin

When you take a vacation, your trip should be relaxing? Well Austin offer some of the top-of-the-line hotels that allow you to kick your feet up and let your hair down. If you are looking to ease your troubles and forget your worries, try staying at one of the luxury Austin hotels. You will never want to go home! This serene resort has every therapeutic method to allow you to make your vacation tranquil as possible. Pamper yourself with spa and salon facilities featured inside. Every room has stunning views and a picturesque view of Austin luxury. For all of those golf-lovers, Barton Creek offers a nice-size course that you use as well. Take advantage of the eleven tennis courts, outdoor pool, indoor pool, coffee shop, conference rooms. This classic, historical resort build in 1986 and remodeled, will give you the five star treatment that you deserve. See what luxury hotels in Austin have to offer and make sure you reserve a room at Barton Creek, if you want ro be spoiled. We do it best!