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If you like the outdoors, you will have a private outdoor area

If you are looking for a place to stay for a few days while in Austin, stay in Austin’s Luxury Hotel. If privacy is what you are looking for, you can have that here at this hotel. The hotel is about eight miles from town so you’ll be close to the stores. The rooms all have that certain Texas flair about them. There is a kitchen inside the suite if you wish to prepare your own meals for your family. The suite

can fit four people in nicely. Two people can sleep on the bed and two can sleep on the opened sofa bed. Although the suite is big, a family of four would sleep here comfortably.

If you like the outdoors, you will have a private outdoor area just for you and your family. You can enjoy all your meals outside under a gorgeous gazebo. You will also find a fish pond in your private area. If you want to feed the fish, you can. You can sit on the patio and relax or go on the internet while relaxing outside. If you would like to entertain while you are here, there is enough room for that too. We want you to enjoy your stay so you keep coming back, year after year., A special Place


If you are looking for a special place to stay while in Austin Texas where you can be pampered and live your life as you have always dreamed, stay at one of Austin’s Best Hotel alternatives. This beautiful hotel offers everything a person could ever want and more. To be able to enjoy your days lounging out in a comfortable chair near a pond that catches the sparkling waterfall as you listen to the sound of the waterfall as it flows gently into the pond.

A place where you can have friends come to join you for a barbeque outside around a table with plenty of room, while you cook the delicious meal out on a grill nearby. When your friends have gone and you now have the rest of the evening to sit and relax near the pond. The waterfall continues to fall gently into the pond you as nod off to sleep, resting up for another day of relaxation, peace and serenity as you look forward to sunbathing or taking a leisurely walk along the paths that nature has to offer.

One fine Austin Boutique Hotel

Whether if its for business or pleasure visit the best luxury hotel there is in Austin. For your convenience we offer the best boutique stores. Here you will be able to find a plethora of stores that offer the top brands of clothing. If what you are looking for is something better than clothing, the Austin boutique hotel offers the top quality of jewelry designs. Because we know that you are an exclusive shopper, we encourage for each of our stores to offer the best clothes and gems are the best what one of a kind hotel luxury hotel that offers supreme service and boutiques all in one location. Although if you do not want to stay visit our stores and you will be impressed with the amount of variety of stores and restaurants that we have to offer. In summary we created a mini division of top services and outlets in order for you to have the time of your life. Visit us and check out what you are missing.

Home away from home experience

Austin Luxury Suite Hotel located in the lovely city of Austin, Texas, a place where you can get a home away from home experience with an added luxurious class to each and every part of this hotel. There is a classy atmosphere to the hotel with access to boutique shopping for the much needed, high end retail therapy. Austin Luxury Suite is one of the ultimate Boutique Hotels of Austin, Texas. The Arboretum located in the Great Hills of Austin, Texas offers some of the most prestigious shopping. A person can shop in a beautiful strip mall like setting unlike no other; it offers natural touches of beauty with plant life and an artistic flow to the architecture. The Arboretum to most is like shopping in a beautiful park rather than an actual strip mall. A place of luxury and a luxurious yet relaxing shopping experience is at Austin Luxury Suite Hotel.

Best Hotel in Austin Texas

business centerAustin Luxury Suite is Austin, Texas, first and only luxury hotel alternative. The Austin Luxury Suite offers clients a five-star hotel experience in a completely private setting. This ultra-exclusive, private setting offers 1600 square feet of living space and a lush open outdoor area. The living area includes luxury bedrooms, full kitchen, state of the art business center, and top of the line entertainment area. The five-star amenities offered are sure to please all clients’ needs. Amenities include a private movie theatre, free refreshments, and a private outdoor living space. Service is a top priority at Austin Luxury Suite. Services include food packages, delivered dining, catered dining, and massage. Traveling to and from the Austin Luxury Suite is easy as the suite is located near major highways and freeways. Visit for interactive maps of the indoor and outdoor floor plans. Austin Luxury Suite is the best hotel in Austin Texas.