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Hutto, TX solar window screen blinds

Hutto TX Solar Window Screen Blinds

If you are looking for solar window screen blinds, what you’re actually wanting to find are external solar window screens. Look at this picture here and you’re going to see what an installation from a professional external solar window screens of Austin installation looks like. If you’re searching for solar window screen blinds, what you’re looking for are external solar window screens.

In this picture you’re going to see a culmination of different sizes. There on the second floor to the left of the front door, you’re going to see there are four windows there. There are two half arches, a rectangular, and a half circle. On the right above the garage doors, you’re going to see there are six windows there. There are three rectangular windows and three half circle windows.

Cedar Park, TX window sun shade screens

Cedar Park TX Window Sun Shade Screens

We installed these 90 percent stucco window sun shade screens on the back of this customer’s home. They put the sun shade screens on each and every window of the back of their home, with the exception of the back patio door. I would have liked to have seen a window sun shade screen installed on that back patio door, but this Cedar Park, Texas window sun shade screen customer chose to not do that.   On our solar screen questions About page you can learn more about my skills and services.

Georgetown, Texas sunscreens for windows.


When looking for sunscreens for windows in Georgetown, Texas, look no further, contact us. Take a look at this picture here and you’re going to see the 90 percent black sunscreens that we built for the windows of this Georgetown, Texas home.  The three windows on the right‑hand side are arched windows.

That’s three windows therefore, they took three physical sunscreens. There’s three arched windows therefore, we made three arched sunscreens for these windows.  Now, the windows on the left side of the house here, you have three rectangular windows and then you have a half circle above it. Therefore, you have three rectangular sunscreens with a half circle sunscreen.  On our site, we have a sun shade screen gallery of pictures to look.

All of these windows that opened, which are going to be the…all the six bottom windows, those windows opened, therefore we use our die cast metal turn clips to hold the sunscreens against the windows. The half circle fits onto, I should say, a track that goes around your window. It’s that track that holds your glass, that same track is what we screw that half circle sunscreen onto.

Hutto, Texas solar blinds for windows

Hutto TX Solar Blinds for Windows

If you are looking for solar blinds for your Hutto, Texas windows, then check out At our website we show what these things look like. We will give you pricing. We show you the different colors. We provide samples if you’d like to order a free sample kit, and we also give you tons of installation examples to include videos and actual high resolution pictures, as well as we provide you many video testimonials of our solar blinds for windows installations.

Sun‑blocking window shades installation

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This is a sun‑blocking window shades installation that we did for a home in the Austin, Texas Avery Ranch subdivision. We did this  sun‑blocking window shades installation in June of 2011. We installed a considerable amount of sun‑blocking window shades for this customer to include all of their windows on a front, left, back, and right side of the house.

This customer did not skimp on any of his windows. He had us put the sun‑blocking window shades on all of the windows. You can see here, by looking at the front of his house, even those windows around his front doors, he had us put the sun‑blocking window shades on them. By looking at this house, you will see that it looks clean, it flows really well.

You don’t see any shiny glass that really messes with the appearance of it with the exception of the front door and that’s natural and you just leave the front door alone. Sometimes people will want to put a sun‑blocking window shade there on their front door and I have to talk them down from that idea.

Sometimes they win and I have to put one on, but I’m not a fan of doing that. I think the home looks much better, as illustrated in this picture here, with sun‑blocking window shades on all of the windows of the home and not one there on the glass of that front door.

Repeat business is the sign of a good contractor.

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You are looking at a Leander solar screen installation. We installed 10 solar screens using a black solar screen fabric and white frame for this home. This is a repeat customer of ours. This customer has multiple rental properties out in this area in the Leander, Texas area of which we routinely put solar screens on his homes.

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3417 (4)A sign of a good contractor, or, in this case, a good Austin solar screen window screen manufacturer and installer, is one that routinely gets repeat customers. I encourage you, if you are in the market for these solar screens, to visit the customer reviews section of this solar window screen website or visit the website where you will find well over 300 handwritten reviews posted on five different pages.

Georgetown, TX heat shade screens for windows.

Georgetown TX Heat Shade Screens for Windows

In this Georgetown, Texas solar screens for less installation, we put solar screens on each and every window of this Georgetown, Texas home, to include the octagon window there over the front door, as well as those two dormer windows leading into the attic on the third floor.

It is very important that you do not leave off windows. Imagine what this home would have looked like if it did not have heat shade screens on all of the windows. Watch some of the solar screen videos I made to help illustrate this better.  Imagine that this customer only chose to put the heat shade screens on just the opening windows. We chose to outline these heat shade screens with the champagne frame. That champagne frame ties in very well with the brick color of this customer’s Georgetown, Texas home.

Solar Screens Austin

When your interested in solar screens, there are several different kinds to choose among. The options are: plantation shutters, wood blinds, roller shades, aluminum blinds, cellular shades, and vertical blinds. If you don’t see the kind of blind your looking for on our list, you should still contact the company because there’s a chance that we could do the kind of solar screen your looking for.

Not only do we sell different materials on our solar shades, we also sell different colors on our solar shades. If your interested in getting a certain on your solar shade, you should talk to one of our devoted staff members. The staff member will be able to assist you because all the staff members will give you good customer service. In addition, the staff members are knowledgeable about the topic of solar screens Austin. What’s your reason for making the switch to solar screens?

Solar Screens Can Lower Utility Bills while Increasing the beauty of your home

Solar screens are a great way to help bring down high-quality bills while maintaining the comfort and beauty of your family’s home. They are simple to install, easy to live with, make any home look great and most of all, they are priced right for any budget. While solar screens are ideal for nay home, they are especially helpful for homes located in hotter, sunnier climates such as Texas and the southwest.

Among the best things about solar screens is the fact that they are so durable and look great while helping to keep your home more comfortable, and your energy bills down. These screens come in a wide variety of colors for both the screen fabric and the aluminum frame. The clips that attach the frame to the window can also be ordered in matching colors so that the smooth clean look of the solar screen is maintained.

The material that is used in most higher -end solar screens is Phifer SunTex 80-90% density solar shield fabric. This fabric is so strong it cannot be torn with bare hands and is warranted against fading, ripping, hail, and pet damage for more than 10 years.

Solar screens are a great way to add beauty to your home while increasing it comfort level and lowering your utility bills. They are economical and easy to live with. Look into the modern solar screens on the market today and see how they can benefit your home.

Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens are considered to be an extremely effective window treatment that you can consider for your home use today to lower your utility bills. A solar screen can easily stop the heat transfer through the window or door while also maintaining the view. It is possible to install a solar screen on the outside any window. One biggest advantage of using a solar screen for home use is that it still works even if the window is closed or open and could be removed during the winter season to let the sunshine in. Other benefits may include reduction in drape, curtain and carpet fading. Normally during the hot summers many home owners want to consider a treatment in the window that is also energy efficient. The two best options at this time would either be solar screens or window tints.

Although window tints do block out half the heat and 99% of the ultraviolet rays, window screens tend to block easily 90% of the heat. The solar screens are installed on the outer portion of the window and will just require minimum effort to remove it during winters. There are several frame options and colours when it comes to choosing the right one for your room.