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Solar Screens Austin TX

Is it time to install solar screens or replace your old ones?
Discover the advantages of our precision crafted, quality constructed solar screens by visiting us online at We personally install your shades, paying careful attention to detail which ensures a quality product and customer satisfaction.

Whether you need solar shades for your residence or a commercial building located in the Austin, Texas area, our Phifer Suntex screens are the perfect solution. You may request a complimentary sample kit which highlights the five color options available for fabric selections as well as the five color options available for frames. We can help you create attractive, cost effective solar screens that will enhance the beauty of your home or business.
When you visit our website to find out how affordable our solar screens are, be sure to read the testimonials from our many satisfied customers. Our integrity is one of the reasons we have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Solar Screens Shade Your Windows from the Sun

Solar screens shade your windows from the sun, keeping out harmful rays from the sun which can damage belongings in your home and increase your cooling costs during hot seasons. Solar screens install easily in place of the screens you currently have in your windows. Solar screens not only work to keep the sun’s rays out of your house, but they also keep insects out of your house like the screens you currently have. Solar screens shade your windows from the sun without adding any additional coverings or contraptions to your windows. The screens also increase your privacy during the day, allowing you to have your curtains or blinds wide open while keeping the views from outside of your home at a minimum. Because the screens are installed in place of your current window screens, there is no additional effort needed to maintain them and they still allow air in so you can enjoy a fresh breeze whenever you’d like while keeping the sun out!


Shade Screens for Windows

There are ways to lower the electricity bill and increase comfort in the home at the same time. Investing in solar shade screens for windows may seem like a small venture, but it reaps benefits for the buyer. Solar screens protect the inhabitants of the home from Ultraviolet rays that would otherwise come through if a traditional shade screen was installed. It stops UVB, UVA light, and a glare from coming through the window. They prevent about 80 percent of the sun’s harmful light from getting inside, while letting cool air come through the window. It acts as a device that has selective filtering for the benefit of the people who occupy the rooms it is installed in.

Solar shade screens typically cool down temperatures, which leads to a lower use of electricity. There would be less of a need to constantly use air conditioning to cool down rooms in the house. They also help to retain heat when the months become colder. This means that the owner will be saving money all throughout the year and through that the screens would be worth in in the future. Also, furniture that would otherwise be damaged by constant exposure to sun light, would be saved because of the shade screens. Therefore, the consumer will be saving money in that department as well.

Solar Screens Austin Texas

Customers who have tried solar screens Austin Texas have enjoyed their time with our company. The customers give the product an A+. Many consumers go with our company because you can’t beat the great prices. When you purchase the solar windows screens from our company, you should know it was built to last. The material will be strong, so it last. It is also built to be durable; you won’t find better quality than this company. You won’t just find solar screens installed in people’s home. The windows can also be installed in business and commerical building windows as well.

If you have any questions about solar screens Austin Texas, check out this site. The staff memebers will be happy to answer any questions, and sell you our solar screens Austin Texas. The staff hopes that you enjoy the solar screens, and we hope it works well for you!

Solar Window Screen

The Solar Window Screen is great to have on windows of homes that are located in states that have very warm weather. It is also good for homes in states where the weather does not get quite as warm but where the windows are placed facing the sun. The sun is good for a short time but too much sun is not good for the health of your family and the sun can also fade the furniture and carpeting if allowed to shine in through the windows all day long. During the summer time when the sun is at its hottest it is good to have protection on the windows to keep the excess heat out and to help keep the inside of your home cooler. By using the Solar Window Screens on your windows your air conditioner works less keeping your electricity bill down. The Solar Window Screens help your home become environmentally friendly and economically sound. We have other articles on this site that will answer your questions about solar screens – I also recommend this site


What Solar Screens Are Used For

Solar screens are used to protect your car, home, or swimming pool from harmful light that the sun puts off known as ultraviolet rays. Most people know of these for a car as a sun visor but it is all the same idea. Instead of using a regular blind in your home you can put in a solar screen and this will help to protect you and your guest from the sun.

They come in many different colors and some even have designs on them to match the décor of your home. They also come as a regular blind or as a retractable awning either way you can control when to let the light from the sun in or not. Many people are even having them installed above their pools and decks to protect their love ones as they swim. You can roll these back as well and you can get them in a wide variety of colors. If you are looking for one of the best ways to protect your family and friends from the sun these would be ideal to put up. They are a little costly but are well worth the money that is spent on them.

“Solar Screens” a pretty “shade” of Green

With more and more people becoming aware of the importance of reducing the Human foot print on the planets environment, Solar technologies are playing a vital role in accomplishing that. The use of Solar screens offer advantages that address environmental concerns while keeping with the aesthetic flavor of a particular setting.

“Solar Screens Of Austin Texas”, offers the expertise, variety and pricing options that will meet the requirements of virtually any budget. Our screens are made to fit standard window sizes or can be adopted to custom made window casings. The energy savings for air conditioning begin immediately following the installation, so they start paying for themselves right away. Our screens are hand made and composed of the highest quality material. “Solar Screens of Austin Texas” offers a variety of colors for casings and screens. Being able to mix and match the casing and screen color, enables you to easily find the most aesthetic combination for complementing your properties character.


Solar Screens Austin TX for house windows

The Texas sun gets very hot. The heat from the sun can make everything hot including the interior of a home. For people that have sunlight directly entering their home for most of the day there is help for them to stay cool. Solar Screens Austin TX for house windows will help a person keep their home cool by blocking out the rays of the sun.

These solar screens are mounted on the exterior of the home directly on the window. The screens will help block out the heat but still allow sunlight to enter the home. Upon installation the screen will be customized to fit the shape and size of any window. These screens and made from high end top of the line material to hold up to the weather and wear. These Solar Screens Austin TX for house windows will help keep the home cool and shaded from the direct rays of the sun.

Solar Window Screen

The Texas sun can get very hot during the day. The sunlight shines into windows making the house very hot as well. There is help for people suffering from the Texas sun. Solar Window Screens can help keep the home or any other building cool by shielding it from the sun’s direct light. The shades are set up on the outside of the window. This creates a barrier between the sun and the inside of the house. The house is then shaded but enough light can get through to be able to see in the room. The rooms will not be completely dark but rather shaded. There is a solar window screen designed to fit any size of window. When the installer comes to put in the shade they will review care the installation process. These shades can help a person stay cool indoors even when dealing with intense heat from the sun.