Comparing different shading products.

When thinking about shading products for your windows, solar window screens are the answer. A solar window screen is a shading product that sits on the outside of the window. The solar window screen resides between the glass and the sun with the intention of providing shade for the glass. If you provide shade for the glass, you’re keeping the glass from getting heated up by the sun’s rays. If you can do this, keep the sun’s Rays from heating up the glass, you can keep the glass from getting hot. It is the hot glass that warms up your rooms. And of course the Rays  from the Sun that go through the glass. And warms up any and everything including the air that the rays of the sun come in contact with.

2018 Solar Screens Round Rock TX installation.
2018 Solar Screens Round Rock TX installation.

The solar window screens can fit onto any size or shape of window. Here for this home on the first floor those windows did not look all that large but they are extremely large. And this home was able to be outfitted with the solar window screens.

2018 Solar Screens Pflugerville TX installation.
2018 Solar Screens Pflugerville TX installation.

What are the benefits of patio roller shades and solar screens?

Comparing the benefits of patio shades and solar screens.   Patio shades are commonly known as roller shades. Roller Shades typically install from post to post and they roll up and down. A Roller shade is something that you use to provide shade for a patio that you could take up and take down when you need the shade.

Solar screens aka solar window screens are those that affix to windows. They mount to the outside of a window.  About 1/2 inch away from the glass.  And they are permanent. They are only permanent in the minor sense that you could take them on and off if you so choose, but they are designed to stay on the window. Typically solar screens will fit into an upper and lower track of the window. Or if it’s a window that does not have a track then you would use metal Clips to hold the screen on. Or you could direct screw the screen to the framing that goes around the window. Or even the wood trim that goes around the window.

In the Round Rock Texas area you have people that ask about using the solar screens year round verses just using them during the summer months.  During the time of the year when it’s hot. In Round Rock Texas it is hot 9 months out of the year. We do not recommend that you take the screens off for the winter months, as you risk damaging the screens as you store them, and you risk not putting them back up the correct way.  In Round Rock, the Winter’s come and go rather fast. It’s not worth the time needed to take them down and the time needed to put them back up.

2018 Solar Screens Cedar Park TX installation.
2018 Solar Screens Cedar Park TX installation.

No need to compromise.

A major issue that people have with the solar screens is whether or not you can see through them. You do not need to compromise heat and visibilty when you choose solar screens. It is quite incredible how well you can see through even the denser 90% solar screen fabric.  By looking at the fabric it looks like you cannot see through it. From the inside looking out. It being dark inside and well-lit outside, you can see through the fabric exceptionally well. Here, all your eyes are able to see is that fabric. Now if it was dark on the outside and lit on the inside you will see right past the fabric.

2018 Solar Screens Leander TX installation.
2018 Solar Window Screens Leander TX installation.

Here’s a home that someone shaded all their windows up. This homeowner even shaded the window for that back patio door. This homeowner chose to use the darker 90% solar screens for these back windows. That dark set solar screen fabric is what you want to use for Windows to get annihilated by the afternoon West Sun.


2018 Solar Screens Buda TX installation.
2018 Solar Window Screens Buda TX installation.

Do not compromise heat for shade. If you have windows that get hit by the sun, therefore making the room warm, you will want solar screens to shade the windows.