Sell your home faster with a good home stager.

With mortgage loan interest rates and terms at rock bottom many folks are looking to either buy or sell their homes. In most states the marketplace is still loaded with foreclosures and short sales; they’re like moss on a Mississippi tree stump. So what does that tell you if you need to sell your home fast? Well selling your home fast will depend on four things: pricing, marketing, luck, and how your home looks from a street view and how you “stage it” on the inside. You can eschew the rabbit’s foot; it doesn’t work.

You’ll have to trust us on this, but there really are “quick fixes” for a swift home sale and it’s cost effective, too. A first impression is everything when it comes to selling your home. And if you haven’t a clue how to “de-clutter,” “de-personalize” and “organize,” then get in touch with a good “home staging” company, pronto and that will solve your conundrum on the inside of your home. As far as the outside of your home is concerned, some of the minor stuff you can do yourself just using a lawnmower, hammer, a few nails, paint and a couple of paint brushes, and about $200 bucks. Doing this will help your home stager look like a wizard while they make the inside look like a page out of Home Beautiful.”

Getting back to that first impression scenario, while your professional home stager person(s) are busy inside your home saving you from a migraine headache, you need to go outside, stand in the middle of the street, and take a good, long look at the front of your property. A prospective buyer wannabe will do just that either walking or driving real slow. If it looks unkempt with absolutely NO curb appeal, you had better get with it and fix all of the visible problems like your screen door, mailbox, street door numbers and main door, and like that.

Finally, we’re sure the home staging folks were aware of this when you hired them, but you should know that in an “open house” situation, 80 percent of the time your lookie loo will be a female. Two places that will get the “white-glove” treatment will be the kitchen and bathrooms. So when your Austin home stager (check out the link) makes positive suggestions you had better take their advice. A sale or NO sale depends on it.

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