Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens are considered to be an extremely effective window treatment that you can consider for your home use today to lower your utility bills. A solar screen can easily stop the heat transfer through the window or door while also maintaining the view. It is possible to install a solar screen on the outside any window. One biggest advantage of using a solar screen for home use is that it still works even if the window is closed or open and could be removed during the winter season to let the sunshine in. Other benefits may include reduction in drape, curtain and carpet fading. Normally during the hot summers many home owners want to consider a treatment in the window that is also energy efficient. The two best options at this time would either be solar screens or window tints.

Although window tints do block out half the heat and 99% of the ultraviolet rays, window screens tend to block easily 90% of the heat. The solar screens are installed on the outer portion of the window and will just require minimum effort to remove it during winters. There are several frame options and colours when it comes to choosing the right one for your room.

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