Starting out as a Designer

When you first walk into a blank empty room you have acquired your own blank canvas to work with. You can decorate and design it anyway you want. However, of the many different options which one is the best? Honestly their isn’t always a correct answer and if you are decorating for your own personal home you may choose to simply place things anywhere you like. On the other hand many people use their houses for more than just a place to call home. Over 66% of American household use at least a portion of their home as an office space. If your office space involves bringing clients in for a visit the appearance is of upmost importance. Do not risk the loss of a sale because a client thinks you are unprofessional based upon the first office visit.

Many people choose to start out their personal business from home as a way to save money at the beginning. Let’s say you are a lawyer starting out your own firm and plan to have an office at your house. Part of your daily job is to invite potential customers into your office area for consultations and business discussions.

One minor item that many people overlook is choosing paint for your room. An interior decorator can help decide with shades of paint what shade will work best for your space. Why would you need that? Colors don’t always look the same at the store as they do in real life. When my son was sixteen he bought his first car and was getting it painted. His friend helped him pick out a shade of blue that he thought would look good. Once the car was painted it stood out so much that people would honk at him from a quarter mile away because they knew it was his car. While it worked out for him, other than having a loud car color, if you are getting your business up and running you do not want that kind of nightmare. Not only is it a major waste of time but you could end up tripling your original costs from repairing these mistakes. Like many things in business, you need to focus on your specialty. When it comes to other tasks, such as interior decorating, you need to let the others who are professionals in their field do that. This lets you get back to business and have a top of the line office for years to come.