Sun‑blocking window shades installation

c2011e (5)

This is a sun‑blocking window shades installation that we did for a home in the Austin, Texas Avery Ranch subdivision. We did this  sun‑blocking window shades installation in June of 2011. We installed a considerable amount of sun‑blocking window shades for this customer to include all of their windows on a front, left, back, and right side of the house.

This customer did not skimp on any of his windows. He had us put the sun‑blocking window shades on all of the windows. You can see here, by looking at the front of his house, even those windows around his front doors, he had us put the sun‑blocking window shades on them. By looking at this house, you will see that it looks clean, it flows really well.

You don’t see any shiny glass that really messes with the appearance of it with the exception of the front door and that’s natural and you just leave the front door alone. Sometimes people will want to put a sun‑blocking window shade there on their front door and I have to talk them down from that idea.

Sometimes they win and I have to put one on, but I’m not a fan of doing that. I think the home looks much better, as illustrated in this picture here, with sun‑blocking window shades on all of the windows of the home and not one there on the glass of that front door.