The Services for Home Staging

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Provided here are Pop-Dé’s Austin Texas Home Staging Services

Vacant Accessory Home Staging: This is when you have already moved out from the home. This particular service includes the use of decorator items, artwork and other accessories to feature the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, powder room and console table. In essence, turning your home into a showroom of fine accessories that help boost the interest of potential buyers. One big advantage here is that the rates are set per month and after the first two months if the home has not sold, the rates are cut down to ease any burden on your budget.

Vacant Furnished Home Staging: This service includes all the aspects of Vacant Accessory Home Staging, but it includes furniture so that the home appears even more movie-in ready.

Occupied Home Staging Consultation: If you are still living in your home, then you will receive a full consultation on how best to stage what you have so that it sells quickly and for the best price. This means a tour of each room and a checklist of what needs to be addressed. For many home owners, this can help quicken the sale of their home and fetch a really good price as well.