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If you are looking for a special place to stay while in Austin Texas where you can be pampered and live your life as you have always dreamed, stay at one of Austin’s Best Hotel alternatives. This beautiful hotel offers everything a person could ever want and more. To be able to enjoy your days lounging out in a comfortable chair near a pond that catches the sparkling waterfall as you listen to the sound of the waterfall as it flows gently into the pond.

A place where you can have friends come to join you for a barbeque outside around a table with plenty of room, while you cook the delicious meal out on a grill nearby. When your friends have gone and you now have the rest of the evening to sit and relax near the pond. The waterfall continues to fall gently into the pond you as nod off to sleep, resting up for another day of relaxation, peace and serenity as you look forward to sunbathing or taking a leisurely walk along the paths that nature has to offer.